Eastbourne Prize 2019 - Entry

Starting with a blank canvas, the gallery below shows progress photos of my painting for the Eastbourne Art Prize.

Deep Rock - Yarra Bend Park

My Entry to the Eastbourne Prize Competition, March 2019, Victorian Artists Society.

The painting is addressing the brief for the Eastbourne Prize “an Inner city Eden”. This is Deep Rock: Yarra Bend Park, which is not far from the CBD, you can see the park from East Melbourne.

Prepation and Stages on my Painting

Acrylic on canvas with photos of the palette at the end of the first day and a detail of the upper right corner which will change as I develop the painting.

I’ve been thinking large paintings are like people as a group, not always attractive but very different when you get to know them as individuals. The details are like individuals, the problem now is to get them all to read as a positive and coherent piece with soul.