Tacit Contemporary Art 8 - 27 November 2011

323 Johnston St, Abbotsford, VIC, 3067 {map}

Gallery Hours: Thursday, Friday 11-6pm. Saturday, Sunday 11-5pm, or by appointment.
Opening drinks with the artist, Tuesday 8 November 6-8pm. See the Exhibition Invitation

This exhibition is a development from the theme of my previous show “[Burnt Kilometre](/exhibitions/burnt-kilometre/)” held at Tacit last year. The earlier show grew out of the immediate experience of the Black Saturday Bushfire. “Fragmentation” explores the period after the Fire, where the imagery is influenced by the experience of the changing dynamics of the people and their towns, the ravaged landscape, the absence of house and friends, and trees so changed and rearranged. Found objects and charcoals from the burnt landscape have been used to create these powerful and evocative images.

If you wish to contact the gallery, they can be reached on: 0423 323 188