Yarra Valley Summer School

Louise will be holding a Watercolour workshop at the Yarra Valley Summer School.

10th to 14 January 2011

Visit www.yvarts.com to enrol, or for more information about the Summer School.

Louise’s workshop will explore ways of creating fresh and direct watercolours. Students will be taught techniques for drawing with the brush, use of colour and shapes for emotional expression. Louise has many years of teaching experience and the workshop will cater for both beginners and experienced painters. There will be intensive look at colour, pigments, glazing and wet-in-wet techniques, use of materials and exploring ways to achieve freshness and exciting surfaces. If students require there may be a day spent on sky painting.

If students have watercolour paintings they are welcome to bring the paintings into the class for comment. Louise will use these to help direct which are the most suitable areas to develop for the student. Students are welcome to develop contemporary or traditional styles with the techniques taught.